What is R3BILT?

R3BILT is a full-body, one-hour, small group training, anti-aging workout!

R3bilt is the first fitness club of its kind to focus on slowing the aging process through a customized passive and active exercise regimen, including strength & mobility training and our science-based, anti-aging recovery process. There are thousands of scientific studies supporting the many puzzle-pieces of our philosophy, but don’t worry, we did all of the research, so all you have to do is show up!

Our Method

Unlike traditional gyms, The R3bilt method is a three-phase approach – Rebuild, Recover, Reverse. Our training philosophy utilizes the latest science-based, anti-aging techniques so that with just 1-3 sessions per week, you will begin to: Rebuild muscle and function, Recover efficiently and effectively, and Reverse many of the inevitable functions of aging!These techniques have been shown to improve:

  • strength
  • cardiovascular conditioning
  • body composition (lower body fat)
  • perceived quality of life
  • mood
  • flexibility
  • balance
  • perceived stress
  • mitochondrial and hormonal function
  • and many other inevitable health markers of the aging process!

We aim to get the most exercise induced health gains in the shortest amount of time by accomplishing 3 goals simultaneously: increasing HGH (Human Growth Hormone), rebuilding bone density (and in-turn increasing muscle & strength), and increasing overall flexibility and mobility. The R3bilt method allows you to maximize results in the least amount of time…. Work out smarter, not longer!

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Start with our R3Bilt training personality test. This short questionnaire is administered in order to identify bio-individual exercise drivers, tolerance and required recovery time, and correct exercise group placement. You will also receive a full 3D body scan for baseline comparison and a tour of our facility.

For more info and to schedule a free intro class,
please call our staff at 857-267-2107.

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The foundation of our Rebuild methodology includes increasing strength, flexibility, and mobility. We believe this is the recipe to the most effective, most “anti-aging” method of exercise for improved quality of life and overall longevity. It is achieved through:

  • Individualized strength training
  • Building cortical bone density to maximize strength training results
  • Corrective exercise strategies


In order to get optimal gains in maximum strength, the body needs a complete recovery period. Along with individualized recovery time between sessions, our Recover phase also focuses on targeted mobility, functional movements, and cortical bone building techniques. Studies show there are many clinical benefits of mobility, including:

  • Faster recovery
  • Increased flexibility and balance
  • Decreased injury rate
  • Reduced pain & inflammation
  • Improved lung function
  • lower blood pressure
  • Reduced anxiety
  • Improved sleep quality
  • Improved mood


Our Reverse phase focuses on 4 cutting-edge, anti-aging therapies:

1. Rebounding promotes increased lymphatic flow, circulation, digestion, evacuation, brain function, muscle fiber recruitment, healing, bone strength, and overall energy.

2. Whole body vibration plates promote hormonal, cardiovascular, lymphatic, and nervous systems activation and regulation.

3. Red and yellow light therapy promotes systemic anti-inflammatory effects, detoxification, skin purification, improved circulation, mitochondrial function, muscle recovery, collagen production, and wound healing.

4. Heart rate variability breathing to reduce perceived stress.


Since joining R3Bilt 6 weeks ago, I’ve seen tremendous improvement in my muscle tone, flexibility, and over all wellbeing. I needed a program that incorporated weight training and mobility all within one hour! The body scan, infrared light, and vibration plates for quicker recovery, increased collagen, and better progress tracking is the icing on the very healthy and delicious cake! Beyond all of that, it’s a pleasure coming in and seeing these knowledgeable and enthusiastic trainers. They are now my caffeine boost in the morning to get my day started!


It’s only been 3 weeks but I feel great! I am already seeing increases in my strength and flexibility. I have an hour to give and I’m getting more out of that hour than I ever imagined or expected. Plus I love spending time with this awesome team in this top notch facility!


Benefits outside of physique improvement include shortened muscle recovery time, enhanced mood, and improved flexibility or as TB12 would say, pliability. I’ve also really enjoyed how R3BILT measures your progress, has small class settings and is committed to helping their clients become the best versions of themselves.


I admire when the staff helps to correct my form to ensure I am exercising safely. Every workout I see or feel an improvement from the last. I am stronger, more agile and have lost a fair amount of weight! Retirement feels great!


Got an excuse for not working out? I’ve got you beat. I’m 71 years old. I have a bad knee. I was recently diagnosed with AFib. But when I tell you, you can change your life in twelve weeks, I know what I’m talking about. The trainers at R3Bilt can work with you and get results that no gym full of machines can ever do. I can touch my toes now. I couldn’t see them before.


I’ve have worked out with a few trainers throughout the years and have achieved great results. However, I found myself at a standstill the past two years until now! R3BILT was the perfect fit to get me back on track and motivated. I absolutely love everything about R3BILT, the concept, the workouts and the amazing staff. Being a part of the R3BILT tribe is awesome, I look forward to every workout here.


One thing Brendan loves about the R3Bilt workout is having the ability to warm up efficiently before the strength training portion. With a history of some back problems, he has found this to be a huge advantage other gyms don’t offer, allowing him to stick with a program, lose weight, gain strength, and feel better everyday.

Start Taking Steps To Better Your Health

Fun Fact: R3Bilt, pronounced ReBilt Stands for our R3 combined philosophy which is accomplished with -Bilt: Bio-Individual, Longevity, Training. Want to learn more? Sign-up for our newsletter!