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What is R3BILT?

R3Bilt Fitness is a brand-new, first of its kind, spacious small-group training fitness studio that provides a powerful full body & mind workout in just 60 minutes. Work out safer, work out smarter!

Each small-group training session combines strength training to rebuild bone density, muscle and function, mobility and pliability training to recover efficiently and effectively, and our unique recovery training process that utilizes science-based, anti-aging technology.

Join us for our upcoming health & wellness retreats!

Physician Burnout Retreat

Join wellness leaders Jess Aidlen, MD, FAAOS Orthopedic Spine surgeon Chief, NWH, Assoc. Chair, Spine Consultant, BC Athletics Medical Director, & Physician Wellness Coach, and Alli Barnes, PhD, exercise physiologist, functional nutritionist, orthopedic yoga therapist, and mindset specialist on an upcoming uplifting, wellness retreat. 

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1 Day Meditation and Mindset Retreat

When was the last time you took some time for yourself to disconnect and recharge? Join Alli Barnes and Andy Kelley on December 3rd at R3bilt for a day long meditation and mindset retreat where you will move, fuel your body, create balance, and leave with the tools to completely change your mindset!

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R3Bilt Schedule

R3Bilt is proud to offer highly trained instructors for every class time. We strive to offer classes for every schedule.

Our Team

founder of R3Bilt Fitness Allison Barnes

Allison Barnes

CEO & Founder
personal trainer at R3Bilt Fitness

Rene Kennedy

Director of Training


Take the first step and we’ll help you the rest of the way! You will be guided through your first class by our Certified Personal Trainers to ensure your form and functionality is correct. Our 60-minute workout incorporates 30 minutes of strength training, 20 minutes of mobility/stretching and 10 minutes in our recovery room for anti-aging and detoxification techniques.

For more info and to schedule a free intro class, please call our staff at 857-267-2107

Watch this video as our CEO and Founder, Allison Barnes takes you on a tour through our brand new studio!

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