Here’s what some of our clients have to say about their experience at R3Bilt Fitness

“Got an excuse for not working out? I’ve got you beat. I’m 71 years old. I have a bad knee. I was recently diagnosed with AFib. But when I tell you, you can change your life in twelve weeks, I know what I’m talking about. The trainers at R3Bilt can work with you and get results that no gym full of machines can ever do. I can touch my toes. I couldn’t see them before.”



r3bilt client
progress photos r3bilt client

I have been working out with Alli since R3Built opened last year. Although I feel fantastic, I have struggled with losing weight due to menopause. I am a healthy eater overall, and I work out regularly, but still have struggled to shed the pounds. When Alli advertised the Gut Cleanse, I jumped on the opportunity to do it during the pandemic. In my line of work, I am fairly knowledgeable about eating healthy, but I learned so much more from Alli’s class. The Gut Health Cleanse Class was the game-changer that I had been looking for! Alli structured it in a way that was not overwhelming, it’s clear and concise – and we did it over Facebook Messenger Video. She was relaxed and light about it, and she is brilliant in her knowledge. She allows for individual questions to help you through your process. She is solution oriented without being judgmental, so she makes it a very comfortable transition. Although I am not as strict as I was in my first 30 days, I have incorporated a lot of what I learned from her in my daily lifestyle. I have a lot of food allergies, and my tolerances to food seems to be broader now. My joint pains are better, my mental clarity is better, my energy is higher and more consistent, and I am down two sizes and feel fabulous!  If you are feeling stuck and looking for a change, I highly recommend this Gut Cleanse with Alli.”

-Cheryl Fraser-Bacon

“This class was a game changer for me. I am a new R3Bilt member and decided to take the Core Corrector Class to jumpstart my fitness journey. I am also doing 2 workouts a week at R3Bilt. I am a married, super busy mom of two teenages working full time navigating life through this Covid pandemic. I signed up for the core correction virtual sessions so I could fit the workouts into my schedule. Well i have to say that Alli’s easy to follow and effective scientific approach and exercises worked more than I would have evern though! I lost 2.6 inches on my waistline above my bellybutton, and 3.5 inches below my belly button in just 30 days! My shirts are loose around the middle, my stomach is flatter, and I feel amazing! Thank you Alli and R3Bilt for making this 50 something lady feel better in her own skin.” 


“R3Bilt in not just a gym, it is a whole body and mind experience.  The focus on proper techniques for the most efficiency, health,  and personal care is like none other I have seen in any other gym I have belonged to, so it’s hard to even call it a gym. There is a tremendous amount of research and science built into everything that you do, with every detail being explained to you, and the results speak for themselves. The reverse pyramid weight training is a total game changer.  The 3 stage approach to the workout, incorporating mobility and rebounding/light therapy is the best of all fitness worlds combined.  As much as I love everything about the workouts, I love the Staff and the positivity the most.”

-Megan Walsh

“I wanted to thank Alli for the wonderful course that I took with her online; The core corrector course… Over the course, we learned how to stand tall, how to hold our head up, how to engage our core muscles, how to do proper breathing- Some wonderful exercises that I still do every morning. I’ve seen quite a change in my body. A little bit less inches in the waist, taller when I’m walking, happier, breath is deeper, it’s totally changed my life. I’m so looking forward to the next class!” 


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