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At R3Bilt Fitness, we have created a science-based workout program based on our “workout smarter” philosophy. In just 1 hour, you’ll go through a recovery based 3 phase workout class; rebuild, recover, and reverse. This workout program is the first of its kind, focused on pairing the most efficient way to exercise with anti-aging fitness equipment that offers a myriad of additional health benefits. Basically it is an amazing strength program, plus all of the scientifically proven modalities to increase overall fitness and health. In the first phase, reverse, we use a variety of passive methods to help your body wake-up, warm-up, and anti-age from the inside out and attain optimal health. This includes the use of rebounders, vibration plates, HRV stress-reduction breathing, and red and yellow light therapy. These bio-hacks help your body to feel warmed up, refreshed, and ready to enter the rebuild room. This is where the strength training portion of the workout occurs. Using functional core movements with dumbbells, TRX, Bosu balls, and other training equipment, your body will go through a very efficient strength-building workout. Lastly, you’ll head to the recover room to cool down and focus on mobility, plyability, function movements, and morecortical bone-building techniques. Our 3-step anti-aging fitness program benefits are unlimited, and go far beyond those of a traditional workout! 


Personal Trainer in Milton MA 


In addition to our small group classes, we also offer personal training, nutrition, and health coaching sessions for a 1-on-1 approach. Our certified personal trainers work with individuals to create a plan based on their individual needs and goals. With extensive experience and knowledge, paired with our training philosophy, our personal training program is the best in the Milton and Quincy area. Whether your goal is weight loss, muscle gain, or just to live an overall healthier lifestyle, we can help! Our space at R3bilt Fitness provides the optimal environment to train and get in an efficient workout, without the intimidation, germs, or distractions of a large gym. You can feel confident and safe working out our small fitness studio in Milton! 


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Our local gym and training facility is conveniently located on the line of Quincy and Milton MA, right off the expressway. We invite you to come take your first class for FREE to experience the benefits for yourself! Our 3 phase anti-aging workout program is beneficial for people of all ages, genders, body types, and fitness levels. Whether you’re a professional athlete or beginner, our “workout smarter” philosophy is for you! Fill out an online form today to claim your first class free. 


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