R3Bilt Corporate Health & Wellness

R3Bilt Driven Corporate Wellness


At R3Bilt, we are a professional group of integrated exercise physiologists, trainers, nutritionists, health & wellness coaches, nurses, mobility specialists, and life coaches that teach groups how to change their nutrition and lifestyle to mitigate their biggest health risks, and promote their most optimal health and function. We work with you through a needs analysis, to develop a science-based comprehensive department fitness & wellness program that includes, but not limited to, everything from:

  • Functional fitness programming
  • Health assessments and body composition analysis,
  • Mobility & injury prevention programs
  • Stress, breathwork, meditation, and mental health management programs
  • Nutrition Programs and Competitive Challenges
  • Cancer Prevention Education
  • Individualized health and fitness consults and prescription
  • Group Specific Workshops: sleep, digestion, gut health, core strength, cancer prevention, kidney health, ‘between the ears’ health, liver health, diabetes prevention, cardiac health, happiness, forgiveness, breathwork, yoga, inversions, pre-workout nutrition, resilience, stress reduction, waistline reduction, mobility, meditation, family meal planning, maternity and paternity health, weight loss, anger management, blood pressure, HRV, muscle therapy, natural pain management, nutrient deficiencies, response and performance training, job specific movements, bodyweight conditioning, and more.

Know Better, Do Better


Most companies already have a ‘wellness’ plan that often only checks a box for health insurance reimbursement and helps with employee benefits packages, but we customize our offerings to your groups exact needs to ALSO return the most health, fitness, wellness, and happiness outcomes for your employees, business, and in turn those you serve.

On-site & Off-site Offerings


Our health and wellness experts offer local and on-site workshops, health assessments, and trainings that will be scaled and designed specifically for your team’s outcome goals.

Virtual &  On-Demand Offerings 


Our health and wellness experts work with your schedule and needs to provide virtual and on-demand content to make fitness and wellness easy, and welcoming for every employee. All live workshops we host in your company are recorded and available live and on-demand if desired. This is a very effective tool to increase employee health exposure, engagement, and accountability.

Continuous Support


We pride ourselves on our results, communication, and follow-up. We  provide the best people, programs, and partnership opportunities to ensure continued results and success year after year.

Our R3BILT Philosophy


Rebuild, Recover, and Reverse (R3) through Bio-Individual Longevity Training (BILT)


Rebuild: Build muscle and function for job-specific performance

Recover: Mobility, breath, and mindset to increase band-width, quality of life, mental health, range of motion

and in turn reduce pain, stress, and injury.

Reverse: Reduce or reverse the process of aging, injury, and job-specific exposures/injuries


Our Fearless Leader


founder of R3Bilt Fitness Allison Barnes

Founder & CEO Alli Barnes leads the R3Bilt team of experts with an undeniable passion and energy for health and happiness.  Alli is a lifelong health advocate and athlete and she has consistently and openly shared her health and wellness experiences and knowledge through multiple successful start-up businesses in the health sector that she owned and operated. She has vast experience and expertise in health, wellness, exercise, and anti-aging sciences and has earned degrees in Exercise Physiology, Biology, Nutrition, and Alternative Medicine. She is also certified in nutrition, holistic health coaching, A&P functional movement, herbalism, and yoga. Alli successfully achieved many of these accolades while raising two amazing children, and working full-time in the medical industry, all of which, when combined, lead to the culmination for this first-of-its kind science based fitness and wellness concept: R3bilt. Alli is magnetic, and has helped so many people change their life through health and wellness.  We guarantee anyone she has ever worked with can recall at least one of her genius tips, life hacks, or health facts that they could then never live without.



Alli’s own 40+ years of life experiences -including education, medical industry work experience, health history (both good and a near death experience), and her innate positive nature- helped her develop a passion of wanting to help others live a better life through fitness and wellness. They help shape her innovative thought process and expertise, which has allowed her to develop and apply the progressive and restorative philosophy of R3BILT to the fitness world.

“I want to empower people to take control of their individual health and wellness BEFORE quality of life, both short-term and long-term, is compromised. I have seen the medical model’s approach to nutrition, exercise, and anti-aging, and the combined preventative health measures, are far from what I think any human deserves.”

Most of us lack time, stress mitigation skills, and true whole health knowledge, which leaves the average person overwhelmed, unmotivated, and unhealthy. The current exercise trends tend to be a one-size-fits all approach that promotes an over-training, under-recovering, mobility-lacking workout. Over the long-term this combination puts the body in a constant state of stress and often leads to illness and injury. This constant state of fight or flight also ages our bodies on a cellular level, especially after our youth.


R3BILT Fitness was shaped after 6 years of focusing on anti-aging and bio-individual exercise techniques for my clients, with incredible results. I’ve been a multi-sport athlete throughout my life, and I felt like I have tried EVERY workout out there. As a working professional and parent, I just didn’t have the time nor the desire to workout 5+ days a week, nonetheless multiple times a day in multiple modalities. Now at the age of 40 something, through experience and research, I’ve found there aren’t many programs out there on their own that make sense to me both scientifically and physiologically. This was the epiphany that drove me to create the concept of R3BILT, in which I firmly believe compiles the science perfectly to allow us to Workout Smarter!”

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