Mindset & Meditation Retreat

Join Alli & Andy for a day long Meditation and Mindset Retreat Dec 3rd at R3bilt!
Move, fuel your body, create balance, and leave with the tools to completely change your mindset!

In this introductory workshop, we will share the foundational principles of mediation, nutrition, lunch, and laughs; including:

  • Controlling and guiding your thought patterns and mood
  • Building consistent and  impactful meditation or mindset routine that you will stick to 
  • Meditation through movement and yoga
  • Fueling your body for mood and clarity boost
  • Clarity and a plan! We will answer all of your open ended questions on all things meditation so you leave crystal clear that you are “doing it right”


Before 11/18: $250 

After 11/18: $299


Once you complete the workshop, R3bilt will gift you 2 complimentary sessions to our Wednesday night meditation class (valued at $60). Our intention is to get you comfortable and excited to sit consistently, practice with us and nail down your practice. 

Questions? Call or email us at any time! (857) 267-2107 or [email protected]

course structure

Morning Agenda:

  • Breath work yoga flow
  • How meditation helps manage daily stress
  • How we developed our patterns of behavior
  • Why those patterns are so difficult to break
  • The impact of your past and how it is directing your future
  • How you created an ego-identity to survive in this world
  • How to identify your true self
  • Mantra
  • Practice session (20 minutes)

Lunch Included: nutrition for clarity class

  • Post lunch walking meditation

Afternoon Agenda:

  • In- depth education: how it works, the benefits
  • Understanding the practical aspects: how to sit, where & when to meditate
  • Integration of meditation into your daily routine
  • Five signs you’re doing it right
  • Brain Science Saturday (movement with the rebounder)
  • The value of coming back to our breath, bodies, and senses – again and again
  • Dealing with time, judgement, boredom, fear or anxiety about the practice
  • Mindset Positivity Attraction or movement
  • Practice session (20 minutes)

About the Retreat LEaders

Alli Barnes, PhD

Alli Barnes is a lifelong health & wellness advocate, student, teacher, and athlete, and although often considered ahead of her time, she has consistently and scientifically shared her research, experiences, and education through multiple successful business ventures in the health sector that she owned and operated. She has vast experience and expertise in health, wellness, exercise, and anti-aging sciences and has earned degrees in Exercise Physiology, Biology, Nutrition, and Alternative Medicine. She is also certified in nutrition, holistic health coaching, A&P functional movement, trauma & mindset, herbalism, and orthopedic yoga. 

She currently owns and operates, R3Bilt Fitness -a functional health & wellness studio in Milton, MA, and Unprecedented Wellness- a corporate health & wellness company comprised of a professional group of integrated exercise physiologists, trainers, nutritionists, health & wellness coaches, nurses, mobility specialists, and life coaches that enable workplace groups to understand and scale their nutrition and lifestyle to mitigate their biggest health risks, and promote optimal health and function. Alli works with a diverse array of corporate companies currently, including large companies and groups such as PWC & The Association of Professional Fire Fighters Of Massachusetts.

Andy Kelley

He’s been called the blue-collar Buddha and a happiness ambassador, and he’s all that and more — the guy you’ve just met but feel like you’ve known your whole life, the guy who has you doubled over laughing within minutes.  And — oh yeah — he’s the guy who can teach you how to enjoy life. The Boston Buddha was founded in 2009, and in 2010, Andy was able to leave his full time job and focus on teaching everyday people how to relax and recharge through meditation.  The shift might seem rather abrupt, but off-hours, Andy had spent years meditating, researching, studding with the Chopra Center, and finally teaching meditation. He studied under Dr. Deepak Chopra and Dr. David Simon, co-founders of the Chopra Center – both renowned experts in the field of mind-body medicine, and DavidJi, Dean of the Chopra Center.  Andy is currently a certified instructor of Primordial Sound Meditation for The Chopra Center.  He is also a graduate of the Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction Program (MBSR) founded by Jon Kabat-Zinn at the Center for Mindfulness at UMass Medical School.  Learn More About Andy Here.

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