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“I’m so excited to share my knowledge and passion with so many people through this venture. I am beyond grateful, excited, and hopeful about the impact we will have in the community and world with introducing our philosophy of a recovery-based, intense 1-hour trainer-led anti-aging workout. Let’s work out smarter, balance life better, and grow younger with age!” – Alli Barnes

Our Story


Founder & CEO Alli Barnes leads the R3Bilt team of experts with an undeniable passion and energy for health and happiness.  Alli is a lifelong health advocate and athlete and she has consistently and openly shared her experiences and knowledge through multiple successful start-up businesses in the health sector that owned and operated. She has vast experience and expertise in health, wellness, exercise, and anti-aging sciences and has earned degrees in Exercise Physiology, Biology, Nutrition, and Alternative Medicine. She is also certified in nutrition, holistic health coaching, A&P functional movement, herbalism, and yoga. Alli successfully achieved many of these accolades while raising two amazing children, and working full-time in the medical industry. The culmination of all of her experiences and education up to age 40, resulted into this first-of-its kind science based fitness and wellness concept: R3bilt. Alli is magnetic, and has helped so many people change their life through health and wellness.  We guarantee anyone she has ever worked with in the past can recall at least one of her genius tips, life hacks, or health facts that they could never live without.


Alli’s own 40+ years of life experiences -including education, medical industry work experience, health history (both good and challenging), and her innate positive mindset- were the culmination and catalyst to developing a passion of wanting to help others live a better life through fitness and wellness. They help shape her innovative thought process and expertise, which has allowed her to develop and apply the progressive and restorative philosophy of R3BILT to the fitness world.

“I want to empower people to take control of their individual health and wellness BEFORE their health and quality of life, both short-term and long-term, is compromised. I have seen the medical model’s approach to exercise, anti-aging, and preventative medicine, and it is far from ideal”

Most of us lack time, stress mitigation skills, and true whole health knowledge, which leaves the average person overwhelmed, unmotivated, and unhealthy. The current exercise trends tend to be a one-size-fits all approach that promotes an over-training, under-recovering, mobility-lacking workout. Over the long-term this combination puts the body in a constant state of stress and often leads to illness and injury. This constant state of fight or flight also ages our bodies on a cellular level, and it more and more detrimental as we age.

R3BILT Fitness was shaped after 6 years of focusing on anti-aging and bio-individual exercise techniques for my clients, with incredible results. I’ve been a multi-sport athlete throughout my life, and I felt like I have tried EVERY workout out there. As a working professional and parent, I just didn’t have the time nor the desire to workout 5+ days a week, nonetheless multiple times a day in multiple modalities. Now at the age of 40 something, through experience and research, I’ve found there aren’t many fitness programs out there on their own that make sense to me both scientifically and physiologically. This was the epiphany that drove me to create the concept of R3BILT, in which I firmly believe compiles the mind and body exercise science perfectly to allow us to Workout Smarter, for best results, with the least amount of damage, in the shortest amount of time!

Our Space

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1 – Reverse

Our Reverse phase utilizes 4 recovery therapies including: Rebounding, Vibration Plates, Red and Yellow Light Therapy, and Heart Rate Variability Breathing.

2 – Rebuild

The foundation of our Rebuild methodology includes increasing strength, while maintain flexibility and mobility. This is achieved through individualized strength training, building cortical bone density, and corrective exercise strategies.

3 – Recover

In order to maximize exercise induced gains, the body requires adequate recovery. Along with appropriate recovery time between exercise, our Recover phase focuses on mobility, functional movements, and corrective body alignment.

a – Vibration Plates

Can promote hormonal, cardiovascular, lymphatic, and nervous system health

b – Heart Rate Variability breathing

Can improve mood and reduce blood pressure and perceived stress

c – Rebounding

Can promote circulation, digestion, brain function, healing, bone strength, and overall energy

d – Red and Yellow Light Therapy

Can promote detoxification, anti-inflammation, skin purification, circulation, muscle recovery, & collagen production

e – Green Heater

Infrared heat provides a silent, sun-like warmth while increasing metabolism, circulation and flexibility.

Our Method

Unlike traditional gyms, The R3Bilt method is a three-phase approach – Rebuild, Recover, Reverse. Our training philosophy utilizes the latest science-based, anti-aging techniques so that with just 1-3 sessions per week, you will begin to: Rebuild muscle and function, Recover efficiently and effectively, and Reverse many of the inevitable functions of aging! These techniques have been shown to improve:

  • strength
  • cardiovascular conditioning
  • body composition (lower body fat)
  • perceived quality of life
  • mood
  • flexibility
  • balance
  • perceived stress
  • mitochondrial and hormonal function
  • and many other inevitable health markers of the aging process!

We aim to get the most exercise induced health gains in the shortest amount of time by accomplishing 3 goals simultaneously: increasing HGH (Human Growth Hormone), rebuilding bone density (and in-turn increasing muscle & strength), and increasing overall flexibility and mobility. The R3bilt method allows you to maximize results in the least amount of time…. Work out smarter, not longer!

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